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Hacker's Party supports Hardware.io USA2021!

If you have a groundbreaking embedded research or an awesome open-source tool you’d like to showcase before the global hardware security community, this is your chance. Send in your ideas on various hardware subjects, including but not limited to Chips, Processors, ICS/SCADA, Telecom, Protocols & Cryptography.
 CFP is open: 15 March – 15 May 2021
 Notification of acceptance/rejection: 25 May 2021
 Conference:July 9-10, 2021

Suggested Topics:
 Smart cards: identification, access controls, pay TV
 IoT devices: automotive, medical, mobile payment, mobile connected devices
 Trusted computing: mobile TPM, Trusted Execution Environments
 Embedded systems: Firmware, operating systems, memory, virtual machines
 Trojans and backdoors: Counterfeit Detection and prevention
 Attacks and countermeasures
   Side-channel, Fault Injection, EMFI, Tempest attacks and countermeasures
   Reverse engineering, (anti-)cloning, (anti-)tampering, (anti-)counterfeiting

SINCON is Finished!

Hacker's Party supports SINCON!

Singapore's homegrown techno-centric cybersecurity conference — Infosec In the City, SINCON Conference is back for the 3rd year.
Date: 2-3 Jan 2021
Ticket: FREE until 27 Dec 2020!! Hurry and get your tickets ASAP from here!!


Although We have been using the word “Hacker” since around the 1960’s, the original meaning of “Hacker” is changing into the another due to change of the times. In these days, we tend to hear this word is used to describe an expert of cyber security, however,we, Hacker’s Party think that “Hacker” means “Any experts not only in cyber security who can solve problems by using their knowledge.”


2020.12.25 Added Information.
2019.07.22 Added Thanks.
2019.07.19 Added talks and The Booth.
2019.07.14 Added talks.
2019.07.13 Added Special talk.
2019.07.04 Started selling the tickets. From Here
2019.05.09 Information of HP2019 is opened.
2018.04.02 Starting some recruitment. From Here

About Hacker’s Party

We provide a professional party where many types of Hackers can gather together for activities including but not limited to“making connection with other Hackers”, ”searching for your new capable employee”, “Developing human resources” growing up the young guy and newbie”.
 Hacker’s Party has two different types of event, Conference and Workshop.


This is a networking party where you can hear opinion from different types of Hackers with drink and snacks provided..
*This event is available over the age of 20 as we provide alcohole


Variety of Hacker’s group can make own booth and organize their workshop. We can also provide a space for company booth where we can use for explanation of products or demonstations .We are planning to open this party in July or Aug in order for students from Elementary/Junior high/High school to get interested in engineering and Hacker’s job.


Coming soon...

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